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A Video Brochure is a card, a brochure, a book or a box with a built-in LCD screen. When opening the card or book the video starts to play automatically.

These type of brochures are effective as direct sales and marketing tool. It can also be used to send a personal video message, introduce new products, or send out as an invitation for special events.



It is a low cost but ideal advertising tool for motor corporations, cosmetics companies, medical corporations, luxury companies, airline companies, technology companies and sees its way into almost any industry where digital marketing media needs to be showcased.

It’s also well-used as wedding gift, birthday gift, anniversary gift or a simple holiday gift to friends and family.


All brochures have a magnetic sensor which triggers the video to play upon opening the Video Brochure. Also has a light sensor, motion sensor and ON/OFF button

Typically each unit will take 2-3 hours for a full battery (depending on the battery size viz.  1500 mAh, 2000 mAh and 3000 mAh)

Yes, with the press/push a button it initiates the video instead to begin playing. A simple button that effectively works as an ON/OFF (Play) button is added.

The Video Brochures come in A4, A5 and A6 standard paper sizes which are available with us. However, the size and shape can be custom tailored to your preference if needed.

Yes, you can upload the video via the included USB cable by connecting it directly into any PC. Documents such as the Instruction Manuals is included in the package. Alternatively, we can share a video tutorial of how to upload video content to the device.

Yes, there is an option to secure your sensitive content as you can simply add password protection in order to lock the video content so no one can remove your stored media files.

Yes, Templates can be provided as options for you to pick, however, if you wish for a customized design or color, we are able to do this as well.

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